At we have provided a diverse URL category structure that is utilized by both sites, but do certainly realize in some of these there are many specialized items that will require additional URL links or categories. If you have a complete product line you would like to put on our site but require several more sub categories there are a couple ways you can achieve this. Maybe we missed or overlooked a category you wish to add, or maybe you just have a suggestion for a category? Whatever the case we take your requirements very seriously and do everything we can to accommodate.

  1. When you become a vendor or seller you have the unique opportunity to create your own Marketplace within our platforms. When someone clicks on your warehouse to see all your products our URL or category structure will become visible to them for simpler navigation of your specific marketplace along with all filters.

  1. If we have missed a category on the main URL category structure simply request the URL or category and where you require it and we will review it and respond right away. If we see it is a great idea they are usually added that same day. We will of course contact you either way with questions, suggestions, concerns or that we have added the category for your use.

  1. If you have an idea for a completely different industry or similar one that would work, we have many more Domain names purchased and this site has been constructed in such a way as it can be easily duplicated under the umbrella of companies. Please feel free to contact us with your ideas. We would be more than interested in partnering to provide other Multivendor Marketplaces with other professionals whom see this working for them and their industry. With our experience and team, the construction and launch of another site would be quick, painless and far less costly than starting from scratch again!

Please send an email to [email protected]or [email protected] and we can review your requirements and requests.

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